Tuesday, August 18, 2009

2009 Star Trek Convention Breakfast: Zachary Quinto, Jacob Kogan and Sabrina Scharf

The sunday morning came with the Zachary Quinto, Jacob Kogan and Sabrina Scharf Breakfast. It would be my first encounter with the wonderful and talented Heroes star and I was very excited about this moment.

Before the actors walked in (which was to be scheduled for 9am like the Voyager breakfast the morning before), we unfortunately got stuck with an auction that lasted until 9h30. I'm all for charity but it took too long and was out of control. Since the result was that the guests came in so late, they didn’t get to do the table hopping part. Instead, the actors were sat on the little stage and proceeded to a Q & A, with Zachary Quinto trying to diffuse the situation with humour and by repeating ''don’t be mad''; what a sweetheart that man is.
In any case, Zach was great and sweet. I was lucky enough to be sitting at a table next to the stage. He made jokes about the fact that it was so early. He even talked about how awful he thought his reading of the Star Trek audiobook was - especially some of the voices he made - which made us laugh. Jacob Kogan was a complete sweetheart and a bright kid (I was surprised to learn he's 14 years old. I wish I could have seen his panel). Sabrina Scharf, on the other hand, was elegant, gracious, and rather silent, letting the spotlight fall on the 2 boys.
Despite the auction, the presence of Zachary Quinto made the entire breakfast function worthwhile and fun. Next to come was his panel and then the much awaited Meet and Greet.


  1. Excellent post! ZQ looks so gorgeous!!!

  2. Awesome!!!! I totally concur with Rosy, ZQ looks amazing (as always).

  3. Ok, Ok, I'm totally out of my enviroment but who's Sabrina S?
    (I'm totally enjoying your posts)

  4. Sabrina Scharf is an actress that appeared in an episode of the original series as Miramee, Kirk's amerindian wife.

  5. Thanks for the post! I totally agree about the auction. It was torture. But Zach was awesome.

  6. Totally excited to see this article and of course, beautiful pics, thank you! Hope to watch the next ST movie, a year and a week to go.=) Zack's so hottt!