Tuesday, August 25, 2009

2009 Star Trek Convention: Thursday Night Party

Picture 1: The Stratosphere (not my picture)
Picture 2 and 3: the Vegas view from the 104th floor
Picture 4-7: The second part of the entertainment comprised of Armin Shimmerman, Jeffrey Combs, Casey Biggs, Vaughn Armstrong and Max Grodenchik
The Thursday Night Party was a complete mixed bag for me. First, I arrived much later than 9pm because the autograph sessions ran late in the evening (it was the first day of the convention and it was also the busiest one concerning the free autographs for gold ticket holders.) Second, when I arrived at the Stratosphere, I searched in vain for my complimentary glass of champagne. I'm still miffed that I never got mine.

The reception was 104 floors up in the air, in the observation area. A big circular room with what appeared to be stores and the elevator shafts situated in its middle, the room was ill-suited for the event. The entertainment was taking place to one side of the room and people were grouping in one spot, making it very difficult for most to see the entertainment and to circulate easily.

The food was not fantastic either - if there was some to be found. The quality was average, in my opinion, and there was not a great quantity of it. The food stations were scattered around the room. When I decided to take some dessert, there was almost nothing left. Only a fruit here and there remained as well as the chocolate fountain. I also got scraps of what appeared to have been cheesecakes. I barely ate at all that night.

However, the entertainment itself was good. Suzie Plakson opened, but I missed most of her songs (having arrived late and looking for food and the free champagne I never got). But I did hear her a bit and she was great. The second part was very entertaining: Vaughn Armstrong, Max Grodenchik, Armin Shimmerman, Jeffrey Combs and Casey Biggs were singing songs written by Grodenchik. It was well-performed and fun, and the actors seemed to be enjoying themselves - from what I managed to see. It was a bit frustrating. In fact, I believe Creation received a lot of complaints because the next day, the actors repeated their performance in one of the convention's other rooms.

Then the entertainment was over by 11:30pm. And then there was no more music (seriously!) and no more food, so everybody simply started leaving. For a party that was supposed to last until 1am, it was definitely not a success! Also, only one ride was opened that night due to the high winds, so the people who were looking forward to all 3 rides were also disappointed in this.
In my opinion, Creation missed the mark completely for that party. I was utterly disappointed. Everyone agreed that it was generally a boring party though I give high points to the actors for at least being entertaining.

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