Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thoughts on the New Heroes Volume 5 Poster

After viewing the new Heroes Volume 5 poster, I found myself thinking about what the image means.

First off, this is not a cast poster as we only find Claire, Hiro and Sylar. I wonder if other posters featuring other cast members will show up before the season begins but I have doubts.

Claire is on the forefront of the poster, looking at us. We know Claire is again having a major storyline in season 4 as she is starting college this year. She will have 2 roommates, one of which will commit suicide and one of which may have powers. Perhaps her predominant place on the poster indicates the important place she will have again in Volume 5.

Hiro is a few paces behind her on the left side of the poster, looking a bit down and in seeming contemplation or thought. The story is that Hiro will face a terminal illness and will want to fulfil some sort of bucket-list before he dies. The fact that he seems to be looking away from us may be significant, though I’m no psychologist. He does look troubled and from NBC’s Press Release we know that he’ll try to correct mistakes from his past; something he’ll have to do while trying not to alter both past and present severely. A huge task is ahead of him.

Sylar is behind both characters in the background. Notice that he is not standing square in the middle but that rather he is more to the right, closer to Claire’s side. Also notice his eyes. It is unclear whether he is looking in front of him or if he’s looking at Claire. His body is also slightly turned towards her. We know that Sylar has plans for her, he even asked her to marry him at the end of season 3. Whether this signifies that he will keep on pursuing her remains to be seen but I believe it will be the case. Plus, there is still the matter of Sylar’s son.

So what do you think? Do you believe there is some significance to be found in this poster?


  1. Wow! Did you see all that in a poster? Does Heros have a history of emblematic posters? I've never thought of that.

  2. I adore the analysis. I actually kinda think that the way they are positioned holds significance too.