Monday, August 3, 2009

John De Lancie Getting a Bit Tired of Q

Q is one of my all-time favourite guest characters on Star Trek: The Next Generation and Voyager. In a previous story, I had written that I would like to see Q coming back for a Star Trek sequel, even if only for a short appearance. Well, I believe that my wish may have encountered a stumbling block.
In an interview given to AMCtv, John De Lancie discusses his role on AMC'S Breaking Bad, the new Star Trek movie, and a certain omnipotent being that I love. Go here for the entire interview.

Here is the excerpt:

Q: Are you needling him to try and get Q in the next movie?
A: Uh, no. I have to say as the years have gone on I'm getting a little tired of just Q, because I do a lot of other things. Almost everywhere in the world you go, people will come up and say, "Oh my God you're from Star Trek." But I was in Syria recently, and I had people stop me on the street, they came up to me and said, "Oh my God, we just saw Breaking Bad." That was a surprise. And it was great.

So there you have it. My only hope is that they recast, though it would never be the same without John De Lancie. Or, that they cast his son Keegan De Lancie, after all, he did play Q2 in the Voyager episode of the same name.

Yes, one can hope!


  1. They can never get rid of Q. De Lancie may be getting tired of Q, but I bet if they offered him enough money, he'd come back for one last shot. Kirk vs Q - now THAT would be interesting

  2. I agree with you, and I really wish we could get to see that. Add Spock's logic agains Q as well, so many potential storylines! Spock, totally unphased by Q's antics! Priceless!