Tuesday, August 25, 2009

David Tennant and Russell T. Davies on the End of their Run

Boing Boing has a 20 minute video interview of David Tennant and Russell T. Davies, given soon after the close of the 2009 San Diego Comic-Con.

Here are some of the interview highlights.

- Filming on Doctor Who finished on May 1st, then David went on to film on The Sarah Jane Adventures for a week.
- David Tennant was sad when he filmed on the Tardis for the last time, but he feels that they finished on a high. It was a big four years for him that was life-changing.
-Richard Metzger (the interviewer) asked David Tennant : ''How can you leave Doctor Who?'' to which Tennant replied that he left it because it was such a good time, that it's been a unique four years, and that he had the best of time. However he felt it was appropriate to jump when things are good. He did not want to overstay his welcome and felt it was a good time since Russell was leaving.
-Tennant confirms the Tenth Doctor is going towards the end of his days and that he's aware of that.
-For Russell T. Davies, there was to be no blood on Doctor Who
-The waters of Mars will be really creepy.
-David Tennant admitted that he cried a bit when he read the very last script and that it was exciting, thrilling and that it has some revelations.
-Russell T. Davies says ''some of the stuff The Master gets up to, probably on Christmas Day, is pushing it. I thought we'd push it right towards the end, responsibly'' He also adds that no one knows what is The Master's plan and that there are big surprises to come.
-David Tennant does not rule out a return in the role of the Doctor in the future.

To view the fantastic video interview and read more please go here.


Thanks to Denyalle for the heads up!

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