Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Mystery to the Actors as to How David Tennant will Leave Doctor Who

A scoop from Digital Spy reveals that most of the actors that filmed the final episode of Doctor Who with David Tennant have no idea how he will go.

Digital Spy reporter Dan French talked with Robin Hood actor David Harewood (he plays Friar Tuck on the BBC series), who's character's name is Joshua Naismith, who had this to say:

''No - we only got four pages, so most of us didn't get to see. I think we'll all be checking in on Christmas Day''

He also talked about the atmosphere on the set during filming of the final episodes:

"I'd say it was very charged - people were in tears. It was the end of a very successful partnership. It was obviously David's last outing, and it was also Russell's last outing and Julie Gardner's last outing. So everyone was saying goodbye to what had been a very successful partnership."

The actor also revealed that he filmed scenes with John Simm who plays the Master.

Sources: Digital Spy and IO9

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