Tuesday, August 18, 2009

2009 Star Trek Convention Breakfast: Voyager Saturday

The Voyager cast arriving at the breakfast function: Robert Picardo, Ethan Phillips and Roxann Dawson

A feature of the Star Trek Las Vegas Convention is to offer the fans a chance to have breakfast with their favourite actors. And so I bought my tickets to attend a breakfast with the Voyager cast on Saturday morning and one with Zachary Quinto, Jacob Kogan and Sabrina Scharf on the Sunday breakfast.

Never having gone to one of these events before I had no idea what to expect. Walking into this big reception room, a dozen white linen draped round tables awaited us. Included of course was a delicious breakfast, and the food was much better than I expected.

Breakfast started at 8h45, and the actors were scheduled to join us at 9h00. So it gave us a good fifteen minutes to eat and be done with it before they showed up. I originally thought that the actors would actually eat with us. But it was certainly better this way.

On the Saturday morning breakfast, three actors from the Voyager cast joined us: Ethan Phillips, Robert Picardo and Roxann Dawson. Robert Beltran was originally scheduled to appear at the convention and the breakfast but it seems that a family emergency kept him away.
This is how the thing worked: Each actor spends about 5-7 minutes at one table, chatting up the guests, then leaves for another table when the time is up (a handler follows each of them to keep things running smoothly).

First at our table was Ethan Phillips who was completely charming, jovial and fun. When he learned that I was French-speaking, he quickly proceeded to chat me up a bit in the language of Molière. It was great fun. Roxann Dawson was the next one to join us and I was completely taken aback by how beautiful this woman was. At 50, she doesn’t look a day older than 35. I want to be her desperately. She was funny and friendly to everyone. Last but not the least, came Robert Picardo, who was charming and sweet to everyone, talking about something he holds dear to his heart: the charity auction for Habitat for Humanity that he was holding the following evening.

It was a very pleasing experience and was, as in everything, too short. I was thus even more looking forward to the Sunday breakfast I was having the next day.

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