Saturday, August 22, 2009

Zachary Quinto on the Star Trek Sequel and Redemption for Sylar?

In an excellent recent interview with Sci-Fi Wire, Zachary Quinto talked about his character Sylar on Heroes and about the Star Trek sequel.

Regarding Star Trek, the actor said that:
''I know that they're breaking the stories and working on it.''
He also added:
''I think it's going to be much better served by taking time and being clear about the story that they want to tell. Whether or not that involves Khan or Mr. Shatner remains to be seen."
As for Sylar, he revealed that there may be some romance coming up for him. And on the subject of Sylar's redemption, one of my own personnal favourite subjects, Mr. Quinto had this to say:
''Those are longer-term conversations. And Tim Kring, our creator, is an incredibly supportive and creatively open person, so we have those conversations from time to time about where we see the character going. I don't know. Maybe the redemption would be in his eradication somehow. Maybe some kind of ultimate sacrifice. Or maybe just bloody and gory, ... a well-deserved demise for someone who's caused so much pain in the world of Heroes. We'll see."
He also reveals a bit more about the carnival and its characters, and he talks about being an avid gamer.

You can read the entire story here.

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  1. Very excited about the potential romance ... i'm still upset about Elle's death...