Monday, August 3, 2009

David Tennant on his Last Doctor Who Episode

In a recent interview with Televisionary, David Tennant seems to be indicating that Bernard Cribbins, who plays beloved character Wilfred Mott, will be central to the last story of the Tenth Doctor's life.

For him, the fact that there is so many former characters returning, is not a cheap trick from Russel T. Davies (Lord knows he likes to bring back characters, the wonderful yet crowded season 4 finale is an example of this) that it is story-led and that there IS a reason why John Simm's The Master is there as well:

Televisionary: From watching the trailer for Doctor Who: The End of Time, we saw Catherine Tate's Donna Noble, John Simm's The Master, Alexandra Moen's Lucy Saxon, and Bernard Cribbins' Wilt returning. What was it like having these fantastic actors return for your final bow on the series?

David Tennant: Well, they are all great people to work with. But actually it's all story-led. Funnily enough, it could have easily been a greatest hits package, I suppose, to finish off our time. But I suppose Russell [Davies] would never have been so cheap, I guess. (Laughs)

But what you get is that there's a reason why Bernard Cribbins is in the center of the story. It's absolutely central to what happens. And there's a reason that John Simm is there because that absolutely tells you more about who the Doctor is.

As ever with Russell's scripts, he finds a way of bringing brilliant characters and brilliant actors together but it's all serving the story. It's serving the tale of the Doctor... There's an epic-ness to this because he knows he's dying and because, slightly cheekily, the audience knows he's dying. We're all kind of on the same boat and we're all telling the same story.

There's an inevitability which is inescapable. The Doctor is kind of on this runaway train and then, just when you think you know where it's going, Russell completely changes all the goalposts. And maybe he'll walk away...

He confirms that the Doctor knows he's dying. And we know that that ultimate destiny may be derailed because Russell T. Davis will come up with some magic hocus pocus that will turn David into Matt Smith. But I'm not complaining because I'm always happy that it all works out.

Go here for the rest of this great interview, in which David talks about what sort of legacy he believes he left on Doctor Who and the choices behind his Doctor outfit.

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