Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Daleks Are Back on Doctor Who?

Picture 1: The RTD Era Daleks
Picture 2 by Scooty: You can make out the top of the Dalek's head
Picture 3 by Scooty: Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor

The always excellent Life, Doctor Who and Combom reports some filming on season 5 of Doctor Who and says that we will be seeing the Doctor's oldest and most resilient ennemies: The Daleks.

From the recent pictures taken by Scooty (which you can see here), we can make out the top of a Dalek's head. You can also see Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor and actors dressed as soldiers from WWII. Filming is currently taking place at the Glamorgan Building at Cardiff University.

These pictures support earlier reports I have read about filming in an underground WWII bunker in Swansea, Wales. These reports can be found here with pics here.

I myself I'm very much excited about the return of the Daleks though many people have complained that they have been overutilised during Russel T. Davies' run of the series. In a way, I find that it links the series together, even though Steven Moffatt now runs the show. I would have feared a complete deconnection from what has been done before just because there is a new man at the helm and a completely whole new cast.

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