Sunday, March 14, 2010

Doctor Who: Karen Gillan on her love for Amy Pond

Photograph by Suki Dhanda

In a recent Guardian article actress Karen Gillan, who plays Amy Pond the newest Companion to the also brand new Doctor, has revealed a few things concerning her character and her relationship to the Doctor.

What she says about the series and Amy's relationship to the Doctor himself is this:

To be honest, I wasn't really a huge follower of Dr Who before I got this part. I mean I knew it was huge, but … I was nothing like my mum, who's a proper diehard Whovian. She's got a Tardis money-bag, and Dalek bubble-bath. But having read the first episode I was utterly smitten, and with the character. Amy's a sassy lady, funny and passionate, and her relationship with the doctor has a really interesting dynamic." She kisses him this series: does she love him? Karen (who is in real life in a relationship), answers carefully. "She has a love for him, a really deep love for him. But not romantic.

She also talks about Matt Smith, who plays the Eleventh Doctor, and about how she feels about her character:

It's been an education in itself to work with Matt, who's so endlessly inventive, bringing something new to it every day rather than falling into the easy default scared-face. That's one of the challenges; you're faced with life-threatening situations every episode, but you can't just widen your eyes all the time. Yes, this doctor is preeeetty good. As, I've said, is Amy, and she gets to wear all these small skirts, which I will admit was very cold, but also very cool. They originally wanted to put me in trousers, but I did say I'd like to wear a skirt because – you'll understand when you watch it. Actually I think I love Amy. I'm in love with her. I want to be her.

Please go here to read more of the article, where Karen Gillan also talks about her audition for Doctor Who and where she reveals a bit more about herself.

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