Friday, March 19, 2010

New Tardis Interior Bigger than previous ones on Doctor Who

In other news, the new Tardis interior will be the biggest one to date as well. We already know there will be 2 floors for the main Tardis room with a staircase inside it.
The new interior is: incidentally, geometrically arranged in greens and reds with a retro look that incoporates a Seventies digital clock, a gramophone horn and (oh dear) a pair of hot and cold taps.

We also have some sort of description about the console:
The new console looks like it has been constructed from items out of a junk shop, including an old typewriter, a telephone, pressure gauges and a Morse code machine

One disappointing thing about the new series has always been that we never got to see much of the Tardis interior when we know there are so many rooms inside it. Most of the rooms were seen in the older Doctor Who episodes and never during Russell T. Davies' tenure as showrunner.

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