Thursday, March 25, 2010

Matt Smith to be ''Pretty Much Naked'' on Doctor Who

Matt Smith's Doctor will apparently be pretty much naked in episode 11 of series 5. This is the episode where he gets separated from his Tardis and gets to play some foot. Never mind the fact that he is the first Doctor to ever grace the cover of a gay magazine: it's the naked part that has grasped my attention! Haha!

We've had a naked David Tennant already in the series 4 ender episode The End of Time and now it's Matt Smith's turn. Yay for the Doctor!

In an interview given to Gay Times, Smith apparently reacted to a comment made by show runner Steven Moffat that he was: “Patrick Moore in the body of an underwear model”:

“The thing is, right, I’ll take Patrick Moore, fine. But I definitely haven’t got an underwear model’s body, no way, not on this schedule. All my gym’s gone out the window. God no, I take that as a gross over-compliment to be honest. And also! When the hell has Steven Moffat seen me in my pants alone?”

The whole humble thing works for you Matt. Keep it up!

Oh and apparently, the costume designer also talks about what type of underwear the new Doctor prefers . . . I definitely need to get my hands on that magazine!


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