Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Leonard Nimoy No Longer Playing Spock?

Talking to the Calgary Herald this past monday, actor Leonard Nimoy who played Spock on Star Trek for more than 46 years, told that he was doubtful that he would ever play the beloved Vulcan again.

"I don’t see it happening," says Nimoy, in an interview from his home in Los Angeles. "I’m comfortable. I’m not glad, I’m not sad. I feel like I’ve had a great ride with the character. . . we started making Star Trek pilots in 1964. I’ve been involved in Star Trek for 44, 45 years. It’s been a wonderful ride for me and it’s been great for my family. We got to do some very interesting work outside of Star Trek because of Star Trek and I’m very satisfied."

Basically he is more than happy to have passed the mantle to actor Zachary Quinto who played Spock in the 2009 rebooted Star Trek movie and who also plays popular villain Sylar on NBC's Heroes. Mr. Nimoy also appeared in the movie as Spock Prime.

Mr. Nimoy, who is currently playing the mysterious William Bell on the popular FOX Sci-Fi series Fringe, claims that this too will most probably be his final role.

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  1. I, for one, was thrilled that even he even showed up in the new film. It was great and he the only TOS actor I'd have been interested in seeing. Sure, it'd be interesting to see what Ambassador Spock does with the reconstruction of Vulcan society, but it's unlikely to be a major plot in any of the next movies. Someone can write it as a book. :)

    Wishing him well on Fringe and in the future!

  2. I'm satisfied with his appearance in the recent one - I think that Nimoy, like Spock Prime, is satisfied to live out the rest of his life in relative peace.

  3. Ruth: There were supposed to be books set in the alternate timeline (i.e. the new Star Trek Movie) but they have been put on indefinite hold at this time. I think they were supposed to talk about it.

    V2Blast: Leonard seems to be quite a contended man. Not all of us can get to say that in life.