Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New Informations on Doctor Who Episode 11 Emerge

New informations on episode 11 of Series 5 of Doctor Who have emerged.

The episode is written by Gareth Roberts and is titled The Lodger.

Apparently, the Doctor, played by Matt smith, will become the roommate of actor James Corben's character and will be behaving badly.

The Daily Star says: the Tardis traveller won’t know what hit him. The antics of the pair could even out-shock those of Tony and Gary in the original Men Behaving Badly series.

Also, the Doctor will impress his friend by setting a television to show programs from the future.

Apparently, the Daily Star reports, a show insider said: It’s going to be the funniest episode of the new series.
“The Doc forgets to set the Tardis coordinates and it vanishes with his companion, Amy Pond, still inside.
“While he is waiting for his police box to come back, he ends up as James’s lodger.
“For once, he has to get in touch with his human side and be ordinary.”

Ftom the pictures we have recently seen, the episode seems like it will be a wild ride and a riot.

Series 5 is slated to start during Easter weekend.

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