Friday, March 19, 2010

Matt Smith IS the Doctor! Doctor Who

Yesterday, some very, very lucky people (mainly journalists) got to see the first episode of Doctor Who series 5 aptly titled The Eleventh Hour.
This is a baptisme of fire for Matt Smith who at 27 is now the youngest actor ever to play the role of the Time Lord. The reviews are strongly positive and the concensus is that Matt Smith is not only good as the Doctor but that he IS the Doctor.
Digital Spy says that:
Matt Smith is awesome as The Doctor. He's funny, he's charming, he's clever, he is The Doctor. The episode is the perfect launch vehicle for him - daft alien threat aside - and it's both dark and comedic. Murray Gold's score is awesome.
Den of Geek claims:
So what about Matt Smith? The Doctor is still feeling the after-effects of the regeneration when we meet him, and that allows Moffat to shape the character a little as things go on. Smith's performance is really very confident too. His Doctor is clearly in the infancy of his story arc, yet we warmed to him quickly and easily. How will he fare when the threats against his character are ramped up? Perfectly well, we’d suggest, and the show looks like it’s going to benefit from having a regular companion too.

The Sun says:
Is the new kid on the Doc any good? Well yes, thank goodness. About Time, Lord ... first episodeThe Time Lord as played by youthful Matt Smith, 27, is still bonkers - but much less so than the version of predecessor David Tennant. His jokes are less laboured. And Matt's Doctor is definitely more "street" than any of the time travellers of the past. At one point in the first episode he declares "Who da man?" - proving his slang is up-to-date, even if his clothes are from 100 years ago. Amazingly, he already feels comfortable in the role - so much so that you get the strange feeling that the new Doctor IS Matt Smith

Even new showrunner Steven Moffat claimed that:
David was sort of neat and fastidious like a humming bird. Matt is gangling and shambling - he's like a terrible mess that somehow becomes elegant by magic, he said.
He brings back genuine madness to the role of the Doctor - Matt's Doctor is bonkers.

I think it's a safe bet to say that most of us wont be disappointed by Smith's interpretation of the Eleventh Doctor. I don't know about you but I'm really, really looking forward to the new series. Only a few weeks to go then, and in the words of Doctor Eleven: Geronimo!!!


  1. Erm... Oh gosh! What should I say? It's time to accept DT's Doctor Who is gone, kaput, over, and a new, completely different series, with the same name, is beggining.
    I have to watch it for myself before repeating I hate Matt.

    BTW, the blog's getting better every day.