Thursday, April 1, 2010

True Blood Spoilers: All about Eric

Over at The Ausiello Files, some spoilers regarding everyone's favourite blond vampire have been revealed.

Apparently, during season 3's now currently filming 6th episode of True Blood, there will be - according to Alan Ball - an “intense” Sookie/Eric moment.

Let’s put it this way,” he adds, “I think people will have strong feelings about it.” In possibly related news, Ball told TV Guide that “Sookie is sexually drawn to [Eric] because she’s had his blood. But there is another reason he’s drawn to her, one that will be revealed this season.

There's also a discussion about Eric's darker hair for season 3. [AskAusiello]

Also, take a look at the new True Blood Poster. [SlashFilm]

I'm laughing at what VILF means . . . and by looking at the picture below, you clearly get what it does.

True Blood starts airing on HBO June 13

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