Tuesday, August 3, 2010

'Being Human' Star Lenora Crichlow Wants 'Juno' Actress for Annie in US Version

Being Human actress Lenora Crichlow who plays ghost Annie on the hit BBC series has revealed who she would like to see play her role in the US remake being done by SyFy:

I think it's got be someone who's able to be quite funny accidentally. I think Ellen Page from "Juno" has a lovely way. I think she's very interesting to watch and I think she brings a real naturalism to her roles. I think she'd be brilliant.
Interesting casting idea but Montreal actress Meaghan Rath (18 to Life) pictured below has reportedly already been cast in the role of Annie.

SyFy's own version of Being Human has now entered production in Montreal with Sam Witwer (Smallville) as Vampire Aidan, Meaghan Rath as ghost Annie and Sam Huntington (Superman Returns, Fanboys) as werewolf Josh.

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