Tuesday, August 10, 2010

'Being Human' Creator Hints at Something More Physical Between Annie and Mitchell

Speaking recently to Collider, Being Human showrunner and creator Toby Whithouse hinted at something more than just friendship between two of the show's main characters, ghost Annie (Lenora Crichlow) and vampire Mitchell (Aidan Turner).

When asked if death is what keeps Annie and Mitchell connected, Whithouse replied that:
Yeah. Because we end Season 2 with Annie trapped on the other side and Mitchell declaring he’s going to go get het, there’s a moment at the beginning of Season 3 where they’re discussing this and George is nervous about Mitchell doing this, and he says, “This is life and death that we’re talking about. These things shouldn’t be messed with.” And, Mitchell says, “Me and Annie are already dead. It doesn’t get more messed with than that.” There is a connection between them, on the basis of that.

Also, there’s the fact that both of them are going to exist forever, in the state that they are. The notion of this screaming eternity in front of them is a terrifying prospect. There’s something about that that unites them.

Perhaps tragically, there is also an element of Mitchell that would fit into Annie’s relationship history. She’s not exactly made good choices, so why not go for a 120-year-old mass murderer? It’s the next logical step, after dating the guy that killed you. Annie is a character who always looks for the good in another person. Whatever Mitchell has done, there is still an enormous vein of decency, kindness, compassion and humanity within him, and Annie responds to that very well.
When it was mentioned that Mitchell can experience physical love, and Whithouse was asked about how far Annie could go, the showrunner quipped :
They kissed once. All I can say is, watch Episode 4 in Season 3. All will be answered, or maybe it will just be answered with more questions. But, it will be addressed in some kind of vague way.

Is Whithouse telling us that Annie and Mitchell will try to go all the way? Something will definitely happen I should think. But all I know for certain now is I simply can't wait for season 3, which is currently being filmed and will air in the UK in early 2011.

So what do you think. Is a relationship between Annie and Mitchell something you would like to see happening on the show? Do you think that they can get physical about it? What do you think will happen?

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