Sunday, August 1, 2010

Guess Which New Supernatural Being Will Appear in True Blood Season 4!

Alan Ball, the awesome mastermind behind HBO's True Blood, revealed this fantastic piece of information regarding the next season of his hit show:
"In season four there will be witches and some of the characters we’ve known all along will have powers that maybe they didn’t even know about," he said. "That’s where it gets fun storytelling-wise because you have so many doors to open."
For those who have read the Sookie Stackhouse novels from Charlaine Harris, they already know about witches.

But this statement from Alan Ball has me really hopeful that we'll get to see an important character from the novels called Amelia Broadway, who basically becomes one of Sookie's best friends during the course of the later stories.

Broadway appears in the sixth novel of the series, Definitely Dead, and goes on to play a major role in Sookie's life. Wikipedia has a short entry for the character that you can read here.

Since True Blood has a tendency to differ a bit from the novels, though at the same time follow the major plotlines, I now wonder how soon will Alan Ball work her into the series.

Any opinion?

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  1. Complete spoilers for the books

    I'm really hoping that Ball puts Amelia into the plot. She's a lot of fun & I think will add a certain light, comedic effect to the plot. However, I wouldn't want Tara to be sidelined to add Amelia. They can all hang out.