Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Elementary my Dear Watson! 'Sherlock' is returning for a second Series!

Good news everyone! Sherlock Series 2 is a go!

According to Sherlock producer, Sue Vertue, the show will indeed return for a second series.

This is good and perhaps not so unexpected news, following the critical and popular success of the BBC One series.

Vertue, who appeared on BBC Breakfast alongside her husband and show co-creator Steven Moffat, revealed that an agreement has already been made with the BBC :
There will be more.We're having a meeting, just to sort of talk about how many and when really. Steven and Mark [Gatiss] are both busy. Obviously Steven is doing Doctor Who as well so it's just when we are going to do them.
The sad news is that the BBC head of drama, Ben Stephenson, recently said that any new episodes of the show will not air for "at least a year".

I say leave Doctor Who into capable hands and do the second series of Sherlock now Steven!

Sherlock's last episode, The Great Game, ended the series' three-episode run last Sunday night in the UK and was watched by 7.3 million viewers.

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