Wednesday, August 4, 2010

'LOST': The Man In Black's Name Finally Revealed!

A story over at Slash Films has now revealed Titus Welliver's Man in Black character's name and it is . . .

scroll down

just a bit more

wouldn't want to reveal it too fast

OK you are getting there

his name is

(insert drum roll here)


There you have it. Samuel is the Man in Black's name.

Apparently, his name had already appeared on the casting call for the episode titled The Incident (Season 5, episode 16), but now his name has also been seen on Titus Welliver's set chair which is now being sold off to auction along with all the Lost props.

And here is a picture from the Lost auction catalog.

So is this news or not? For me, who's watched every episode but never dug deep into the mythology, it certainly is.


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