Thursday, August 19, 2010

'Doctor Who' - the Doctor, the Master and the Daleks top SFX poll list!

SFX has published its 'SFX 200 Poll Results' and three Doctor Who characters have come out at the top of three categories including 'Favourite Hero', 'Favourite Villain' and 'Favourite Monsters'!

The Doctor edged out Malcolm ''Mal'' Reynolds a.k.a Captain Tightpants (Firefly) as everyone’s 'Favourite Hero' in the poll, even beating out perennial favourites Han Solo (Star Wars) and Indiana Jones. Not bad for a character that has seen eleven incarnations and actors since the British Sci-Fi series started out in 1963.

On the other hand, the Doctor’s mortal enemy, the Master, has been crowned 'Favourite Villain' over other heavy weights such as Darth Vader (Star Wars) and The Joker (Batman). Even Lex Luthor (Superman) didn’t fare so good, coming up at only number 16 on the list. Davros (Doctor Who) also made the list and took the fifth place in the poll.

Davros's creation, the Daleks -- better known as the Doctor's other arch-enemies -- took the first place in the 'Favourite Monsters' category over such classics as the aliens from the various Alien franchise, the Borg (Star Trek), and Cybermen (Doctor Who).

[Via SFX]

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