Saturday, January 9, 2010

Star Trek Enterprise's Scott Bakula to Return on Chuck

It seems that the former Enterprise Captain has signed on for multiple episodes for season 3 of Chuck.

This is great news because I really like Scott Bakula and loved him as Steve Bartowski, Chuck's dad and creator of the Intersect.

Apparently his comeback would happen towards the end of season 3. Josh Schwartz, Chuck executive producer, calls it the biggest thing we’ve ever done on the show.

Chuck is linked to Star Trek not only through Scott Bakula, but also through Robert Duncan McNeil who is supervising Producer on Chuck and who played Lieutenant Tom Paris on Star Trek Voyager. Former Voyager co-star Robert Picardo also appeared in one Chuck episode.

Scott Bakula currently co-stars in Men of a Certain Age alongside Ray Romano and Andre Braugher


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