Friday, January 8, 2010

Russell Tovey to Be on Torchwood?

Digital Spy reports on an article published in Doctor Who Magazine #417 in which John Barrowman has hinted at the possibility of having Midshipman Frame, who last appeared in the Doctor Who special The End of Time, on Torchwood.

What I'd love, what I think would be great, is if Midshipman Frame became Jack's companion in Torchwood. He's the perfect companion for Jack.

It's funny because Russell Tovey also mentioned something similar in his interview and I talked about it here. Is it possible that he will be a member of the future Torchwood team? The actor doesn't seem to shy away from taking many roles at once.


  1. Oh PLEASE that would be AWESOME!!!! Who do we bribe?

  2. We could bribe Russell T. Davies and the BBC :D