Wednesday, January 13, 2010

JJ Abrams Update on the Star Trek Sequel

So we have a release date of june 29th 2012 for the next Star Trek movie. But what don't we have?

Asked by Collider.Com about whether he had decided to direct the Star Trek Sequel JJ Abrams answered:

No. We don’t have a script yet or anything, but we have a release date (June 29, 2012). There’s a release date, but we’re still working on the script. The idea is that they have faith in this team.

Thus as of now according to Abrams we have no director and no due date for a script

And for all intents and purposes no storyline yet?

I know the sequel is 2 years away but it would be nice to know something about it. Or maybe I'm being too impatient.

Go here to read the interview in which Abrams also talks about Fringe and Lost

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