Saturday, January 2, 2010

My Top Ten Favourite Tenth Doctor Episodes

In honor of the last David Tennant Doctor Who episode, I decided to compile a list of my ten favourite Tenth Doctor episodes.

These were chosen for many reasons. Fun factor, great David Tennant acting, wonderful story, something important and significant happening. Of course, I like more than 10 episodes but I had to focus and restrain myself to ten. Ten for Ten!

Those are my favourite and so opinions can differ about them. Listed below and in no particular order they are:

  • Human Nature/The Family of Blood (s3e8-9): This has magnificent David Tennant acting written all over these episodes. He makes the human John Smith so utterly different than the Doctor that it's perfect.

  • Midnight (s4e8): Again, an acting Tour de Force from David Tennant. One of my favourite episodes ever. And also, in my opinion, one of the Crown Jewels from Russell T. Davies.

  • Doomsday (s2e13): The Doctor, almost saying I love you to Rose Tyler. The ending was a real tearjerker.

  • Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead (s4e8-9): The Doctor has a wife? Nothing is made clear about who River Song is to the Doctor but she does know his name. A fun, fascinating and by the end, poignant episode.

  • Partners in Crime (s4e1): Besides the ridiculousness of the plot (people's fat creating Adipose babies) the whole miming scene in the office when Donna and the Doctor see each other again is too hilarious for words.

  • The Fires of Pompeii (s4e2): Wonderful, poignant and incredible episode. Plus it's Pompeii! The cast went to Rome's Cinecittà Studios where the HBO series Rome was filmed.

  • The Waters of Mars (s4e16): Scary special, it has an incredible older female companion in Adelaide (the only one who hasn't kissed the Doctor, I have to say). The Doctor sort of looses it for a moment but her sacrifice brings our beloved Ten back from the brink.

  • The Stolen Earth/Journey's End (s4e12-13): Bombastic and pompous? A bit yes. But the Doctor gets reunited with Rose, a Meta-Crisis Tenth Doctor is created following a partial regeneration from the Doctor to his hand in the jar (long story), and Rose sorts of gets her man. Poor Doctor. Plus we have a Doctor-Donna! Captain Jack was in obvious overload.

  • The Unicorn and the Wasp (s4e7): I love the take on the whodunit genre and I love the choice of Agatha Christie. Though not perfect, it has some amazing moments, with one of them being a complete hilarious riot!

  • The End of Time (s4e18): Not the Best Ever, the finale has some problems but David Tennant's acting in it is so superb, so faultless that I'm including it in my list. That and it's his last episode.

Some of you will say: How come Blink is not there?!?!?! Though a fantastic episode, there's not much Ten in there so I chose not to include it.

Please, feel free to comment and to add your own personnale favourite Tenth Doctor episodes!


  1. Great list! I think I'm in almost-total agreement. My only definite variance would be exchanging Blink for Human Nature/Family of Blood. I agree that HN/FoB is an amazing piece of acting, but I just can't stand seeing The Doctor like that. And although there isn't much DT in Blink, it IS my favorite episode, and not everyone could play his scenes like he did. Fun post, thanks for sharing!

  2. Nope, nope. Girl in the Fireplace and Blink are the two best episodes of Tennant Who. It's not even close. A lot of the episodes have great MOMENTS, but Fireplace is the best love story ever told in the Who universe, perhaps, and Blink is scary as hell.

  3. Yes I love The Girl in the Fireplace and Blink too, but this is only a list of my personnal favourite episodes of Ten and not which ones I think are the best. I explained why I did not put Blink on, it is precisely because there'a a lack of Ten in it. But I agree that it is an extraordinary episode. :)

  4. As a fan of both David Tennant, and of classic Doctor Who, I agree mostly with your list, although my top 3 would be:
    3) HN/FoB for many reasons, including that it is a historical, that we get to see Martha's usually hidden feelings for him, and the who concept of the aliens and hiding from them. And the acting was top notch.
    2) Utopia - Captain Jack meets Martha, and uses the Doctor's hand as a tracking device! The whole buildup to the revelation of Professor Yana. And the Doctor tries to sort out Captain Jack emotionally. (and I love the whole story arc of the hand through DW and Torchwood and back again)
    1) The Stolen Earth/Journey's End - even though i am not a fan of the Daleks, I loved this story because I am a sucker for reunion stories where everyone actually has a purpose. And it was great to see Capt. Jack meet Sarah Jane. And to see the Doctor and Rose finally meet up again, only to have the Doctor (nearly) killed by Daleks. And then everything tied up at the end, and the (lost) promise of Micky going off to join Torchwood...