Sunday, January 3, 2010

Thoughts on The End of Time

After seing The End of Time, the Opus of the David Tennant/Russell T. Davies Era of Doctor Who, I felt there's a few things I needed to share. There are questions that linger on my mind following the finale.

First, I need to say that I was relieved that part 2 was better than part 1 which I thought was a bit slow. The Resurrection of The Master - at least it's method - was on the tad ridiculous and so was his plan. Allright, the Master is insane. I get it. But couldn't Russell T. Davies have come up with something better?

Who was the mystery woman Wilf was seeing? Claire Bloom played a mystery woman simply called The Woman in the end credits who appeared to Wilf on a few occasions during The End of Time 2-parter. When the Doctor finally saw her in the final episode, he recognized her. Are we to understand this was an older incarnation of Rose? Did she find her way, along with Meta-Crisis Ten, to Gallifrey before the Time War, then became a Time Lady in her own right and was checking in on her beloved Doctor? Remember how she also appeared to Wilf on television and she did mention that she had been lost once, much like Rose was when she ended up in the parallel universe. Others have been pointing at Donna who still has the mind of a Time Lord locked away in her head. Or maybe it could even be the Doctor's Granddaughter Susan or even Romana! I wish Davies had not left that open. Only time and subsequent Doctor Who Show runners will tell.

Though I'm not a Martha Jones or Mickey Smith fan, I have to said I was grinning no end at the idea that the two of them had tied the knot following the event of Journey's End. Somehow, I find it fitting that Martha would fall for the much improved Mickey Smith. And so Martha Jones married a Smith. Now put them both in Torchwood. They were bad ass.

The Master sacrificing himself to save the Doctor. Okay, maybe he was really angry at the Time Lords who put the sound of the heartbeat of a Time Lord in his head. Have I said that John Simm was brilliant as the Master? if I haven't, there it is. There was a real chemistry between him and David Tennant. However, I'm disappointed to see him get locked with the other Time Lords in the Time War on Gallifrey, but it made for a hell of a spectacular scene. I hope Moffat will bring him back again at some point.

Wilf and Donna being ordinary? The Doctor has been mentionning how important both Donna and Wilf were. Donna kept running into the Doctor and Wilf found a man most people spend a lifetime looking for in a few hours. In the end, absolutely NO answer was given. This is one thing I hate about Davies, he dangles something in front of our eyes and conveniently forgets about it. I was also disappointed about Donna's lack of appearance. I love Donna, and as the best companion (in my humble opinion) she should have had a better send off. Still, I'm happy she's getting married, and getting money (don't lose that ticket Donna!).

The Lord-President referencing to the Weeping Angels was goose bump inducing. Specially since we know that Steven Moffat is bringing them back for series 5. Did you also notice the 'weeping angels' pose the mysterious Time Lady and Mystery Time Lord (he was yet to be revealed)behind the Lord President were taking? Which brings me to say that it was a waste of the Time Lords. Can we finally get a proper look at that Time-War? And why in the world would you want to make the Time-Lords even bigger megalo-maniacs than the Master. I'm disappointed in this.
And the Lord President is Rassilon!!! One word, just one word uttered by the Doctor. There it is, the first of the Time Lords in all his Timothy Dalton glory!

The Doctor visiting is old companion was a lovely touch. I was smiling broadly when the Doctor introduced Captain Jack to Alonso Frame. I wish I'd seen more of them though. I was almost expecting Captain Jack to show it by the middle of the episode to help the Doctor but alas, it didn't happen.

The Doctor seeing Rose for the last time was sweet but very disappointing. The woman he loves got 2 minutes of screen time? He didn't even say he loved her? WASTED opportunity there. Yes, she'll live happily with Meta-Crisis Ten but this was Proper Ten's chance to SAY it.

David Tennant was brilliant. Brilliant, wonderful, incredible, fantastic, amazing, beautiful, gorgeous etc.etc. That man can act his little heart out I say. My God. He gave it his all, I find no fault in him or his performance. Everything he felt we, as the audience, felt. Every line he gave was delivered with conviction. His last words 'I don't want to go' just broke me down in tears again. I wanted to scream don't go!!! What a regeneration! The power it unleashed damaged parts of the TARDIS, which would explain the changes that will be made to it for series 5. I really, really love Tennant. I wish him the best for his new series, Rex is Not your Lawyer. People, tune in!
But just how sad was it that the four knocks came from Wilf. That just about killed me.
As for the appearance of Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor, people have already criticised him as being a clone of David Tennant. I say give him a chance. A few seconds are not enough to judge him, and know that his lines were written by Steven Moffat and not Davies. I myself liked him - though I'm not sure about the whole 'Geronimo' thing.
Still, I say bring on Series 5!
Is it Spring yet?

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