Thursday, January 7, 2010

Russel Tovey Interview

Russell Tovey who plays sweet werewolf George on the BBC hit series Being Human has given a very interesting interview where he talks about the upcoming series 2 of the show, playing Alonso Frame on Doctor Who, and what's next for him.

Amongst the highlights we learn that Nina will be living in the house with our trio, that George goes a bit darker, that Annie's in harmony with herself and that Mitchell is more in control of his blood cravings - actually abstaining from blood.

From what he reveals, I gather that Nina has not turned into a werewolf yet and that we may yet see Midshipman Frame again. Perhaps on Torchwood?

Go here to read the interview

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  1. Call me crazy but maybe they can get rid of Kirk in the next movie and cast Tovey as the new Captian; maybe make him a Kirk/Picard clone of sorts. And to have his cockney accent would be freaking AWESOME!!!