Thursday, February 18, 2010

Rumours on the Doctor Who Series 5 Finale and Torchwood

The Daily Star reports that Doctor Who Series 5's last episode will have the Eleventh Doctor, played by Matt Smith, battle Cybermen, Daleks and Sontarans, as well as other aliens, in what will also be a cliffhanger (something that hasn't been done before I believe).

Apparently, the aliens will be hell-bent on Earth's destruction and only the Doctor and his companion can stop them.

Apparently ''The producers wanted Matt to end his first season as the Time Lord with something explosive and exciting. And this fits the bill.''

“It’s got all the right elements for a great finale and plenty of opportunities for cliffhangers, with fans not knowing who survives.”

The series is still set to start in the Spring (I just wish they'd settle for a date already but the BBC has never been fast at giving information).

On the other hand, it appears that Torchood will return only on the net. Which I think would be a serious let down of the fans.

Still, take all this with a grain of salt.


  1. I'm okay with Web only Torchwood, assuming it is accessible in Canada. Just need to let people know that's where it is.

  2. I hope we'll know soon what is happening with Torchwood. It's all mysterious. But the BBC has always been tight lipped about their shows.

  3. the series finale is obivous, river song will kill the doctor but in the end she will throw herself in the crack in time. The doctor will return.