Monday, February 8, 2010

Save Heroes, Save the World!!

Today is the last Heroes episode of the season.

I hope it's not the last Heroes episode ever.

Despite the fact that Heroes's ratings are not what they used to be, the show continues to be the most downloaded and streamed out there, clearly indicating that people still love it and want to see it. Overseas transmission and DVD sales are also big money makers for NBC.
But today, we are worried that our beloved show wont come back.

We all know that NBC has done a lousy job at promoting Heroes, and we all know that something's not right with their decision making lately (the horrible Jay Leno Hour at 10pm anyone - cancelled thank GOD but is it too late to repair the dammage?). They also almost cancelled Chuck for Pete's sake! The fact that our beloved show is in the hands of a clearly incompetent network is scary but I keep hoping that they will see the light and at least renew it for a fifth season, even if it's the final one, so that the story can be wrapped up properly.

This past season has been better than seasons 2 or 3 but it still had it's problems. They killed a beloved character (Nathan) for good, and it seems the actor was not treated correctly by the network (or producers - details are very sketchy). We barely saw Mohinder and Tracy, Sylar has embarked on another redemption ark and Claire still annoys me but she was less so this season. New characters were added then dropped, the Carnival was a good idea at first but I feel it may have gone nowhere and Samuel took his sweet time to become a big bad. However, the writers have done their best to be more consistent in their writing, which was refreshing, and I salute their efforts. Even dialogues were more meaningful this season.

This past saturday, die hard fans of Heroes banded together on twitter to make #SaveHeroes a worldwide trend in order to show our love and support for the show. And it worked. I just hope that NBC saw that and that they will have the good sense to respect us and keep the show on for at least another year.
Today, I hope the fans will join me on twitter in hashtagging Heroes and SaveHeroes in support of our show.
Help Us Save Heroes!!!


  1. OK, now I get it, though I didn't get it just from the action on twitter.

    So I'm including this blog's URL in my blog post for Tuesday February 9, 2010 at

    And yes, I watch Heroes.

    Jacqueline Lichtenberg
    Primary Author of the Bantam Paperback Star Trek Lives!

  2. Check out or just twitpic/com/11tmtr for all the awesome #SaveHeroes action from Saturday. ;) For the most part I agree with what you said about Heroes season 2, 3, and this current season, although I still like Claire and don't mind the idea of a redeemed Sylar lol.

  3. I don't mind a redeemed Sylar at all! I welcome it. I love Sylar, he's my favourite. I'm just saying it's the second one. Hope it sticks :D