Thursday, February 25, 2010

John Barrowman is Unsure about Torchwood's Future

A few months after claiming that Torchwood series 4 was a go, John Barrowman is now unsure of what is happening with Torchwood and whether it'll be back.

He recently told Digital Spy that:

I don't know if we're gonna be filming Torchwood.
I haven't heard anything. I haven't heard anything about what you're talking about! I only know that I would - at the drop of a hat - love to do Torchwood again. I would love to do more than five episodes. But if we're only going to do five episodes, I'm happy with that.

The actor has no information whatsoever concerning the show but he would love to do another one: I love the character, I love the show, and I would love to do it again. But I don't have any other information - I'm so sorry!

On my part I really don't understand the BBC at all.

The Torchwood Mini-Series ''Children of Earth'' was a critical and commercial success yet they can't decide what to do with the show? I'm disappointed by their attitude also regarding the fans since they seem to be determined to keep everyone in the dark.

All we have now are rumours, such as the series being made for the web only. The only concrete news we have is that Russell T. Davies and Julie Gardner are working on an American version of the show. Wether it will be a remake of the show or a continuation set in America (since the Hub in Cardiff has been destroyed) and will star the remaining living members of Torchwood, including Barrowman's Captain Jack, remains to be seen.

What do you think of the lack of concrete news concerning Torchwood mean?


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