Monday, February 22, 2010

IO9's 5 Reasons Why NBC Will Keep Heroes

IO9 has published an article listing 5 reasons why NBC may keep Heroes and not cancel it

Here is a brief resume of the 5 reasons:

1-The first one is the magic 100 number, so that Heroes could make it to syndication (in that case either the show would need at least two more seasons or season 5 would need to have more episodes than a regular season has).

2-NBC has no real shows to replace it with

3-A lot of people watch Heroes even if it's not live on NBC. Downloads and DVD sales show that Heroes is still very much alive

4-Heroes is a television trend that inspires other shows.

5-Setting an end date à la LOST could creatively help it go out with a bang.

Go Here to read the detailed list.

IO9 talks about the vocal online Heroes community found everywhere, it's certainly very alive on Twitter, and how NBC may not want to anger them (us) out. Heroes does have a strong, adoring fanbase and I agree that it would be a terrible move to anger the loyal fans.

I also personnally agree with the reasons listed by IO9, and that season 4 has been less than stellar, despite a strong start early in the season (I feel they ran out of steam in the middle). But I still love the show and am hoping that with some changes (new competent writers and showrunner perhaps?) Heroes could get back up on its legs.

Do you agree? What do you think?


  1. altho i want to c heroes on forever and ever, i know every great show has to end at some point, but hopefully we will c more of our fave actors and makeup artists in the comming years on nbc, and if nbc had sense they would leave well enough alone! and keep whats good on tv!!! nbc has already fkd up the late night spots, lets NOT let them screw up this awesome show too....

  2. I agree that NBC has screwed up their primetime lineup with the horror that was the Jay Leno thing. I have an incredible aversion to it. I hope the show will at least go on for another season and that they get a proper showrunner for it.

  3. I agree with Nathanlie I really want Heroes to have a season 5 and on Twitter on March 6th Heroes fans will have a Heroes 100 day to trend.