Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Doctor Who Series 6 Episode 3 Filming Pics Galore!

There's a slew of filming pics from the upcoming third episode of Series 6 of Doctor Who online today. Titled  What Are Little Boys Made Of? the episode is written by Mark Gatiss who last wrote the series 5 episode Victory of the Daleks.

The Doctor Who cast and crew are currently filming in central Bristol in a council estate where they also filmed some parts of the second season of Being Human (where George's single mom girlfriend lived). They apparently looked hard for a suitable place in Cardiff to no avail . . .

It's a three day shoot with specific locations including flat interiors, stairwells, corridors, and an area by the bins with an old lady and children. There was apparently some late night filming in the garage section of the estate with the TARDIS.

I only put up a few of those pics here where you can see Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor, Karen Gillan as his companion Amy Pond and Arthur Darvill as Rory Pond Williams rounding up the TARDIS crew.

I invite you to go to Bleeding Cool for a cool set of pics and some details, and to Eclectic Muse for about 39 beautiful shots (a few of the pics are the same as Bleeding Cool but a lot are new).

I don't know about you but looking at those pics is making miss Doctor Who like crazy and I'm definitely looking forward to the special episode at Christmas. But don't forget the Doctor's appearance in The Sarah Jane Adventures episode Death of the Doctor in November!

 [via Life, Doctor Who and Combom]

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