Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Neil Gaiman talks about his Doctor Who episode table read

Left to right - Neil Gaiman, Matt Smith, Steven Moffat, director Richard Clark

Author, writer, and all around Sci-Fi God Neil Gaiman, just put up a post on his blog about the first table read of his upcoming Doctor Who episode. In it, Gaiman reveals that his episode is still set to be the third to air in the spring (So YAY! we wont have to wait in the fall to see it!).

Neil Gaiman said :

the table read was pretty amazing, the guest star or stars will be fabulous, Matt's great, Arthur's wonderful and I never got to say hullo to Karen (who was amazing).

I had a meeting after the readthrough with the producers and director, pinpointing stuff that needs fixing or clarifying ("So we need to change that without making it longer or spending any money. Right."). But nothing that needs rewriting is anything other than cosmetic, and I should get it done tomorrow or Thursday.

(Favourite quote from S. Moffat: "Look, you understand that, and I understand that, but we're Science Fiction people. The other 100% of the audience may not get it.")

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