Thursday, September 23, 2010

Being Human Producer teases the return of Herrick for season 3

Herrick played by Jason Watkins

Talking to SFX Magazine, Being Human producer Phil Trethowan has revealed a few tidbits about the upcoming season three of the popular BBC series about a ghost, a vampire and two werewolves living together.

If you recall, Herrick (played by Jason Watkins) was killed at the end of season 1 by George (Russell Tovey) in his werewolf form, but the vampire was resurrected at the end of season 2 in a very shocking twist. Now Herrick will be back in season 3 of course but he won't specifically be the main villain in the series.

Trethowan said that:

"Herrick comes into his own, as it were, in the latter half of the series. But we've also got threats and stories that are set up in the first half of the series."
The producer also explained that there will be multiple plot threads that will come to a head in the final episode. He added:

"It's not as if Herrick replaces [the other threats], it's sort of [like he] enhances them. They all become one big story that powers through to the end of the series."
One thing for sure, it's that series three will see our four characters spending more time together. Trethowan promised that

"Those scenes where you've got all four of them together, or any combination of two or three of them, they work well. So yes, there is more of an eye on stories that unite as well as divide."
Being Human's third season is still currently being filmed in Cardiff and is set to air early next year.

[Via Digital Spy]

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