Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Returning Guest Characters for the End of David Tennant's Doctor

Picture 1: Bruno Langley as Adam Mitchell
Picture 2: Russell Tovey
Picture 3: Russell Tovey as Midshipman Frame

UPDATE September 4th 2009: I noticed today that the name of Bruno Langley was taken off the IMDB list. So it seems that Adam Mitchell wont appear for the finale after all.
Russell T. Davies is stopping at nothing for the two-part final story that will feature David Tennant's Time Lord. With the return of many fan favourites such as Captain Jack, Donna Noble and her grandfather Wilfred Mott, Rose and Jackie Tyler, Sarah Jane Smith and her adopted son Luke, the Master and his wife Lucy Saxon; one cannot help to stop and wonder if it can get any better. I discovered that it can.

As I browsed through IMDB Pro, two more character names caught my attention and one of them especially has me pretty much excited.

First listed as appearing in the very last episode (tentatively January 1st) is Bruno Langley who is back as Adam Mitchell, short time companion to the NINTH Doctor (the Christopher Eccleston Doctor) in the episodes Dalek and The Long Game. Adam Mitchell is the only former companion of the new Doctor Who era to not have been brought back during the Season 4 finale. Seems this will somehow be rectified (though his presence has me, and probably many others, simply mildly excited) in this final episode. It may be significant to remember that the Doctor left Adam back on Earth - with an implant in his head - because of his bad behavior. Kicked out of the Tardis he was!

However, the most exciting name for me is that of Rusell Tovey who is returning as Midshipman Alonso Frame in both parts of the finale. Tovey is now better known as werewolf George Sand in the delightful BBC series Being Human which recently ended it's first season run on BBC America. At one point, Tovey was even touted as possibly being in the run to be the next Doctor soon after Tennant announced his departure.

Midshipman Frame appeared only in the 2007 Christmas special, Voyage of the Damned, which also introduced us to Bernard Cribbins as the delightful Wilfred Mott, Donna's grandfather (though we did not know that yet at the time). In my opinion, these 2 characters were some of the best parts of this christmas special which also featured Kylie Minogue (who was not really good in my opinion). Midshipman Frame shone in that episode, although Tovey spent most of his time alone: he only met the Doctor towards the end of the special – but it was a memorable meeting, and my favourite dialogue snippet between them is this one:

Doctor: What's your first name?
Midshipman Frame: ''Alonso''
Doctor, looking stupefied: ''You're kidding me''
Midhipman Frame: ''Why?''
Doctor: ''That's something else I've always wanted to say. Allons-y, Alonso!''

Now, I don't know if Midshipman Frame and Adam Mitchell will appear in flashbacks (doubtful) or if they'll actually take an active part in the storyline; Like Mitchell, some of the other former companions appear only in the last episode of the two-parter – such as Sarah Jane and Rose. On the other hand, both Donna, Captain Jack, Wilf and Midshipman Frame are set to appear in both. We know that the dying Doctor will meet Rose at a time in her past just before she meets the Doctor in his Ninth incarnation.

The presence of all these companions (with the notable exception of Martha Jones and her family who are not coming back, I have to add) makes me wonder if the Doctor will be put through some sort of a trial or if he'll be going through time setting up things. It is clear other Time-Lords are involved and that we will see the Doctor's mother (played by Claire Bloom) in the two-parter as well.

However, these are all conjectures on my part. We'll probably get to know a bit more as the end draws near. Only a few months to go now!

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