Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Return of Charlie on Heroes?: A Reflection

Nothing has been set in stone but it seems that actress Jayma Mays may be set to return to the role of Burnt Toast Diner waitress and Hiro love interest Charlie Andrews in season 4 of Heroes. We know that Hiro has a bucket list of things to do before he dies and saving Charlie (whom he had tried to save before) must be priority one on his list. But what will it mean for the show and for some characters?

First, if Hiro kills Sylar to save Charlie, it will not be permanent. Sylar is a main character and we know Zachary Quinto is contracted for more years so no permanent Sylar death. Yet. If that's the case, then ultimately something will re-set the past again and all of Hiro's efforts will be for nothing.

Also, if Hiro's saving of Charlie is permanent, then it will be done without killing Sylar. However, there is nothing that will guarantee us that she wont die another way. Remember that Charlie has a blood cloth in her brain and that she will most likely die from a brain aneurysm. Will Hiro have another plan to save Charlie?

I wouldn't mind seeing more of the character and the actress in season 4 since Charlie is a well-loved character. Plus the two actors, Masi Oka and Jayma Mays, have an incredible chemistry together. Only time will tell if her presence on the show will be long or short lived. As of now, it seems she may be on the show for 3 episodes. Ultimately, I really wonder if Hiro will indeed die this year. I do like this character and if that's the case I will miss him terribly. I really do wonder what the writers will have in store for us. Bring on season 4!

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  1. I've tryed but I just can't come up with any ideas about this plot. We saw that Hiro's going back in time and meeting himself in the Carnival and we also know that he knows he ca't use his power without being sick or agravating his condition.
    Whatever they do, DON'T KILL HIRO!!! He's our inner child, the part of us that is optimistic and believes in a greater good.