Tuesday, July 12, 2011

1st AMAZING look at Being Human's Aidan Turner as Kili in Peter Jackson's The Hobbit

Finally! The one we've all been waiting for, our very first look of actor Aidan Turner (Being Human's vampire, Mitchell)as Kili in Peter Jackson's The Hobbit, the upcoming sequel/prequel to The Lord of the Rings.

And if you were afraid all that dwarf makeup would hide Turner's total hotness, well you'll be really, really happy to see they've kept his smouldering looks relatively intact.

Take a look below:

Standing next to Turner is Kiwi actor Dean O'Gorman (who played a young Iolaus on Young Hercules quite a few years back)in the role of his brother Fili.

Below are pics of the other dwarves:

Jed Brophy as Nori, Adam Brown as Ori and Mark Hadlow as Dori.

John Callen as Oin and Peter Hambleton as Gloin.

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What do you guys think?

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