Saturday, December 26, 2009

Russell T. Davies Q & A on Digital Spy

On Christmas Day, part one of the last David Tennant Doctor Who specials, The End of Time, aired on the BBC.

That same day, Digital Spy published an exclusive Q & A with Russell T. Davies, the man who brought back Doctor Who to milions of fans and to international acclaim.

Amongst the questions asked, Davies skirted the regeneration part saying

You don’t know if there’s going to be one! Nice try. Well I’ve written two already; one for Chris and a fake one for David. The whole show keeps you on your toes. I can’t promise you anything. You think you’re going to see a regeneration, but I can’t say you’re going to see anything for the reason you think you’re going to see. We get more viewers each year by playing this game with people that we don’t give away too much.

He also talks about the love people have for David Tennant, and about the role the Master plays in the finale as well as his relationship with the Doctor
It’s complicated because he’s The Doctor’s enemy, but now he’s the only other Time Lord in existence, and I’ve always thought in a very strange way these two men love each other - not in a gay way, but they are similar and share a lot.

We learn more about their history, where they want to go. Both of them are heading for death, that’s the important thing. The Doctor knows he’s going to die, The Master is dying. He’s been brought back to life but it hasn’t worked, so both of them are trying to survive while heading to the Immortality Gate. Both in the same situation but at the same time enemies and total opposites. That’s why they’re magical characters. And two of the greatest actors in the land.

One more special to go on New Year's Day, and then we'll step into the Steven Moffat - Matt Smith Era. Though I'm looking forward to seeing season 5 and what's coming up, I can't help but feel extremely sad at the departure of those who made me discover and love Doctor Who.

Go here to read the entire Q & A

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