Monday, December 21, 2009

The Return of the Time Lords Confirmed, a Cameo and More on The End of Time

Even if this is not truly new news, Mail Online has confirmed the return of the Time Lords for the final David Tennant specials.

Indeed, after months of speculation, it has been confirmed that Timothy Dalton (former James Bond) will be playing ''a senior Time Lord in an extraterrestrial dressing gown.''

The Mail also talks about how emotional was the shoot:

Tennant and all the cast testify that it was a hugely emotional shoot, especially when the dreaded four knocks were finally heard to signal the arrival of the Reaper.
'I was nearly a puddle,' confesses Tennant. But Euros Lyn tells a sweet story about how it unravelled: 'When we shot the very final scene, David was 30ft in the air on a big flying rig. We brought him down and he went back to his trailer and it was all a bit flat, so we faked a final shot to bring him back for a round of applause.
'When he realised what we'd done he welled up and tried to make a speech, but he had to stop and sparked everyone else off, too!'
The tears are likely to be infectious. 'It's a stonking two and a half hours and there won't be a dry eye in the house. Even your turkey will be wet!' warns lead writer Russell T. Davies, breathless with excitement.

'I wrote my heart out for these specials, because I wanted to give David everything. Together we've loved pushing the Doctor further than ever before and this Christmas is David's final time to fly.'

Over at SFX, they call the finale ''Stunning. Brilliant. The best Christmas Day Doctor Who special yet. Not perfect, but hugely entertaining.'' We are also told that there will be a cameo, which has not been disclosed, that's similar to the appearance of Queen Elizabeth 1 at the end of The Shakespeare Code.

Everyone seems to agree that the Finale is grand and epic and that everyone will be left teary eyed at the end of Tennant's swan song as the Tenth Doctor.

Go here and here to read both articles in full.

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