Thursday, November 19, 2009

More Khan Stories Concerning the Star Trek Sequel

There are still many talks and speculations about whether or not Khan will appear in the Star Trek sequel. If it’s not in the next one, maybe in the one after that, or the one after that. One thing for sure is that it seems inevitable that this fan favourite should and will appear.

JJ Abrams does not reject the idea of having Khan in a future movie at all.

But who would play Khan Noonien Singh?

He was originally played by the late great Ricardo Montalban, who brought dash and flair to Captain Kirk’s greatest Nemesis. The Lex Luthor to his Superman, the Magneto to his Professor X, the Master to his Doctor– you get the picture. Montalban’s Khan first appeared in the Original series episode ''Space Seed'' on board a ship called the Botany Bay, and the character was brought back years late in the second Trek motion picture Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan.

The chances of having Khan in a new Trek movie appear to be half and half. An interesting tidbit that Trek Movie reports is:

And if you listen to the commentary on the Star Trek DVD and Blu-ray, producer Damon Lindelof states that they did consider putting in one of those ‘after the credits’ scenes that would have shown the Botany Bay floating in space; something Bob Orci has also talked about here at Bob has made it clear that even though the new film sets out a new timeline, many things from the ‘prime timeline’ are still intact, including the Botany Bay.

I believe that had that scene been added in the movie, Star Trek fans everywhere would have gone completely nuts – with the un-initiated staring blankly at the screen.

Recently io9 published a story claiming Nestor Carbonell may be playing the legendary character, a story that was debunked by TrekMovie: And for this week’s rumors, a trusted source tells TrekMovie that discussions of Carbonell being on some sort of short list is "total BS." Sources do confirm that Khan is still a possibility for the film, but that is not anything new.

However, again the favourite actor to play Khan seems to be spanish actor Javier Bardem, who is better known for his No Country for Old Men movie role here in North America.

One thing for sure is that if Khan is to be in a future Star Trek movie, they need a strong actor in the role. Javier Bardem would certainly fit the bill. For now, since nothing is known about the sequel yet, it is all conjecture.

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