Monday, November 2, 2009

More Doctor Who - The Waters of Mars Goodies!!!

It's definitely Doctor Who Season.

With The Sarah Jane Adventures episode ''The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith'' having just aired last week in the UK on BBC One and the first of the last three Tennant Doctor Who specials ''The Waters of Mars'' coming up in less than two weeks, we are being bombarded with new Doctor Who material. Which makes this little blogger rather happy and sad all at once I have to say

Over at Den of Geek we have pictures of Gadget, ''a sexy new robot who likes to get in on all the action''. Their words, not mine.

Den of Geek also calls the episode ''the scary-as-hell finale opener''. While over at Bleeding Cool (the article is a mildly spoilery review which you can read here) Rich Johnston calls the episode: ''Definitely one of the best episodes ever. I mean top ten. Seriously''.

The Daily Mail Online reports that the:

Doctor Who special The Waters of Mars is ‘one of the scariest’ according to star David Tennant.

The forthcoming special which sees the Timelord arrive on Mars in 2059 and battle terrifying zombie like aliens.

Viewers will see the Doctor meet the first human colony of people living on Mars, facing a battle to save them from a parasitic virus that makes them spurt water.

The episode, which will broadcast on BBC1 on November 15, also shows him facing a moral dilemma about whether to condemn people to their fate or save them and ultimately change the future.

Lindsay Duncan stars as Adelaide, commander of the colony. Tennant, 38, said the special was ‘probably one of the scariest’ yet.

He added: ‘It tells a different story. It is a long time into the episode before the Doctor takes control. We expect him to know [what to do] and take control earlier. It is a long time before he does it.’

Russell T Davies dismissed the suggestion the drama could be too scary for children, and insisted that it was still aimed primarily at the family audience.

In the article, David Tennant also gives some thoughts about Matt Smith replacing him as the Time Lord in the upcoming series 5. Go Here to read the article and view pictures from the episode.

There's also a video interview with David Tennant and Russell T. Davies over at The Guardian which you can view Here. In it, both men talk about ''The Waters of Mars'' and more. Tennant also talks about a ''big and emotionnally charged finale''.

You can also have a look at 2 wonderful new never seen clips from ''The Waters of Mars'' Here and Here. The first one shows Adelaide, played by the wonderful Lyndsay Duncan, when she has a gun drawn to our beloved Doctor (those who know him, knows he hates guns). The second clip shows them running away from the scary water spurting zombie aliens.

This is all incredible stuff. Enjoy everyone!!

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