Monday, November 4, 2013

Two more characters cast on STARZ and Ron D. Moore's upcoming Outlander series!

Two more characters from STARZ's upcoming time-traveling series Outlander have been cast!

Kathryn Howden (the pic above) has been cast as Mrs. Baird, the owner/manager of the bed and breakfast Frank and Claire stay at after the war. She is nosy to a fault, making everything her business, but she is also extremely kind and welcoming to both Claire and Frank.

Tracey Wilkinson will take on the role of Mrs. Graham, Reverend Wakefield’s druid housekeeper. A dramatic woman with an eye for the unknown, including reading tea leaves. She predicts Claire's "love of two men."
Outlander is based on author Diana Gabaldon's sweeping book series and is currently filming in Scotland.

I just can't bloody wait for that series -- due to air around August of 2014.

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