Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Watch all 4 captivating Game of Thrones season 2 deleted scenes here

Game of Thrones' second season just hit the store shelves yesterday on both DVD and Blu-ray, and with it came a bunch of features. But the best part? The four deleted scenes strewn about the Blu-ray sets in the form of hidden Draggon Eggs.

But why rummage through your sets when you can watch all four here!

Our favorite? The Sandor and Sansa one (from that mysterious still you see above that has made the rounds on the internet since last year!) though we hate that Tyrion interfered, making HIM look the big hero. Look, we love Peter Dinklage A LOT, but you should have left this scene with only Sansa and Sandor in it. Having Tyrion there was a tad overkill.

Rory McCann and Sophie Turner are electric in the few scenes they shared together in season 2. Why kill it HBO?

Our least favorite? The Irri and Dorhea one. Badly, badly acted in our opinion. Or perhaps, the director just didn't give good, erm, directions to the actress playing Dorhea (Roxanne McKee).

If you want to go and watch those scenes in glorious HD on your HD TVs, go to HBO Watch to know how.

So, which scenes did you like best? Do you think they should never have been cut from the final product?

(via Cian Gaffney Youtube)

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